Protection and Indemnity Insurance

As the in-house broker of one of the most prominent trading companies in Japan, we have the expertise in providing access to global P&I market and providing customized solutions for charterers and operators. Our tailored approach ensures that ship owners and operators are protected from third-party liability claims, providing safety and security for your maritime operations, giving you peace of mind to focus on growth and profitability.

Our Service

P&I insurance is a specialist insurance type, requiring a global network, intrinsic knowledge of marine operations, international legislation and specialised contracts. It is the type of insurance meant to provide comfort when liabilities arise during operations. Given the dynamic character of every marine operation, P&I cover needs to adjust to the motions to provide continuous and seamless protection. P&I insurance therefore is a typical “24/7 service” product in which in-depth knowledge of the cover, speed- and quality of service make the difference. P&I Insurance requires a dedicated partner as a first point of contact to take the burden off your shoulders.

We will make sure to understand the particulars of your business, assist in allocating the risks involved, define your risk appetite and lay out the alternatives in dealing with those risks. We will introduce insurance solutions where required and assist in allocating a matching insurance provider where to purchase just the package you need at the right price. There are many P&I insurers in the market with different profiles and particular qualities. The insurer needs to fit the client. Cosmos Risk Solutions will assist its clients in identifying the P&I insurer and the policy conditions which make the best match. We optimize relations.

Buying a good insurance policy is just the start. P&I Insurance operates as an extension of your operations. Your business interacts with market developments. It is dynamic system. Different contracts pose different challenges and insurance needs to follow those motions and fit continuously. When things go wrong, liabilities may arise. Claims will most likely involve your customers. Professional claims handling therefore is an extension of your commercial appearance. When claims arise, we are the people to call for guidance and to ensure the insurance performs.

Our Products

The classes of insurance that we handle are:

  • P&I
  • FDD
  • Charterers covers – P&I, Damage to Hull, Bunkers.
  • Specialist Operations
  • Contractual Liabilities
  • NVOC/Freight forwarding
  • Containerss

Our Expertise

There is no standard P&I insurance form. Each P&I insurance policy is created with specific terms and conditions for each insured tailored by underwriters based on the nature of the risk and the character and amount of insurance desired by the insured.