Employee Benefits

We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions to foreign entities looking to implement Japan's local employee benefit insurance program. We understand that for foreign companies, navigating the unique requirements and regulations of Japan's benefits system can be a daunting task. Our team of experienced brokers is well-versed in the local market and is able to guide you through the process of designing and implementing a benefits package that meets the needs of your employees and your company. We pride ourselves on staying up-to-date with the latest regulations and industry trends, ensuring that your benefits program is compliant with Japanese laws and competitive with local standards. From health insurance and retirement plans, to flexible spending accounts and employee assistance programs, we offer a wide range of options for you to choose from. Let us take the complexity out of employee benefits, so you can focus on growing your business in Japan.

Our Service

We provide following services to our clients.

  • Advice and assistance in selecting various types of insurance, such as health, life, disability, and others.
  • Compliance information : Assists our clients in remaining in compliance with regulations applicable to the benefits offered.
  • Guidance on how to reduce total costs, such as total premiums.
  • Assist with employee communications regarding benefits enrollment.
  • Review the contract and negotiate (leverage) with the benefit providers to get the best deal. They may be able to design a tailored insurance package for your company.
  • Problem-solving assistance.
  • Review your current benefits and claims to advise on changes and potential cost savings.

Our Products

The classes of insurance that we handle are:

  • Life Insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Disability Insurance

Our Expertise

  • We are highly knowledgeable professionals who specialize in helping employers design, implement, and manage their employee benefits programs. We offer expertise in the benefits landscape and can help you understand your options when it comes to selecting and designing employee benefits programs. We can also recommend cost-containment strategies to help you manage the rising costs of employee benefits, while still providing valuable benefits to your employees.
  • We are well-versed in the complex legal and regulatory requirements that govern employee benefits programs. We can help ensure that your benefits programs comply with all applicable laws.
  • We provide communication and education services to help you communicate the details of your benefits programs to your employees in a clear and effective manner. We can also provide education and resources to help your employees understand their benefits options and make informed decisions.
  • We can serve as advocates for your business and your employees. We can help employees navigate the complexities of insurances, resolve claims issues, and advocate on their behalf with insurance carriers.

Overall, our consultants provide a wide range of expertise and support to help you design and manage effective, compliant, and affordable employee benefits programs.